Sunday, December 08, 2013

The Good Batch at Damansara Uptown

When hunger hits throughout the day, having brunch with friends or family is one of the most enjoyable activity. It's one of my way to relax myself and also, to catch up with people I love. I found The Good Batch months ago while I was doing my revision at Uptown. I parked my car somewhere in front of this restaurant, what catches my eyes at first was their simple and welcoming design of the shop, and so I make it into my foursquare to-do-list (just to make sure that I will go to their restaurant when I head to Uptown for breakfast next time).

I was finally there for brunch two weeks back, with Anerly and Risa. The Good Batch is basically a restaurant which runs kitchen, coffee and bar concept. So if you are like me, a ang-moh ang-moh person when it comes to food, you will definitely like to pay a second visit to this restaurant.  ;-)

I am a total sucker for good interiors, I am.

Food and drinks that we've ordered.
Oppss, do all these pictures makes you hungry now?  :-P

Risa and her The "Ang-Moh".

There are two scrambled eggs, beef bacon, chicken sausage, ripened tomatoes, mushrooms, baked beans and also a slide of a toasted white bread in The Ang Moh.

Anerly's Portobello Road.

My Hangover Mass topped with two sunny side-up.

All the food we had that day was good, I would definitely go back to The Good Batch for brunch. So if you like ang-moh ang-moh style breakfast, you shouldn't miss any chance to The Good Batch. ;-)

Address : 53, SS21/1A
47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Owh, and of course, our selca. #whatwegirlsdo
Toothache pose in every picture is the best remedy for fat people like me. 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Malacca // Limau Limau Café at Jonker Street

My Malacca trip was a very over due trip with some very good friends during my semester break. Malacca is definitely not a good place to shop, but you could find a load of surprising places for great food at Jonker. 
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and if you're in Malacca, Limau Limau Cafe at Jonker Street could be one of the good reasons to make you get out of bed early in the morning. 

Limau Limau is a wonderful cafe serving fresh fruit juice, coffee, and great simple breakfast/lunch meals.

As you can see, the ambiance and atmosphere at Limau Limau Café is fantastic.
Limau-Limau Café deserves a thumbs-up for its service, the lady who runs the cafe is very friendly. Oh, and Limau Limau is a non-smoking joint! :D

Our drinks - fresh orange juice, ice coffee with vanilla ice cream on top & 100% fruit blend (strawberry and banana blend).

We went on a recommendation for a mid morning drink and ended up having our lunch here.

My toasted ham and cheese sandwich with wholemeal bread. 

Well, taking nice picture is never an easy job. There are tons of phailed picture like this in my camera.

Their dessert of the day : home baked brownieeeeeeeeeeee! 
I am a really huge fan of brownie, and my biggest dream ever is just to hope that brownie grows on trees. (just kidding, but I am really a huge fan of brownie!) I should have tried their pancakes instead of brownie, but I couldn't resists when there's "baked brownie serve with vanilla ice cream" on the menu.

I will definitely come back to Malacca again for Limau Limau Cafe. 

Limau Limau Café
Address : No. 9, Jalan Hang Lekiu, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia., Malaysia
Phone :+60 12-698 4917
Business Hour : Monday to Thursday: 9.00am-6.00pm
                         Friday and Sunday: 9.00am - 7.00pm
                         Saturday: 9.00am - 8.00pm
                         Closed on Wednesday

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Halloween // 2013

October ended pretty quick this year. It feels like 2013 just started and there are 2 months left until 2014, and I just spent the previous 10 months doing nothing really productive. *sigh*
I get a little sad because it's Halloween but I'm missing out on all the parties this year due to the test which we had before our semester break, everyone is busy with the test, the girls came up with some ideas to throw a private halloween party but it doesn't work, and so we ended up gathered and have simple dinner together that night. 

Pwetty halloween decorations at Publika.

Went to theSOCIAL for dinner.

Halloween crafted pumpkin without candles, meh.

The girls - Emiri & Freddy.
Anyway, Tiffany were suppose to come with us but she couldn't make it cause she's not feeling well. TIFFANY, WE GONNA MAKE YOU SPEND YOUR CHRISTMAS WITH US, WE DON'T CARE.

Our drinks - Hot chocolate, watermelon juice, save sex on the beach & chocolate ice blended.

Our sharing platters, the social mezze platter. 
Well, I know it looks ugly but I SWEAR THIS IS GOOD.



Nicoleeeee & I.

And yes, I will be having A BREAK FOR MONTH after next week. I'm so going to hunt for nice food, restaurant and blog about them!! Just right before I end this post, Happy Deepavali to everyone of you who're reading this! ;-)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

All in black / Komugi Cafe

I know it's been a bit quite here lately, it was two months back when I could spent time to write a blog post while enjoying my hot cup of coffee. It's already the second week of September, and I'm having my semester break as well, so I am allowed to spare a little time on my blog and vividly pour my life happenings here before I continue my semester2 in college. I had my eighteen birthday couple weeks ago, thought I would throw a big party for myself but it turned out celebrating with the family members at my dad's favourite restaurant. I realise that sometimes, the best thing in life are not what you expect. If I would have to make a list on which was my favourite moment during my eighteen birthday, it would probably be that morning on my birthday, which my classmates bought me a birthday cake as a surprise, and also that moment when I surprisingly received a homemade cheesecake with peaches on top as dressing from Andee as a birthday gift (thank you so much for the cake, it was absolutely delicious  ).  

This was last Wednesday where I could finally have a pleasant date with my favourite friend, Anerly at Komugi cafe.

Guess I've been revealing an unhealthy dose of black on my outfit recently, most of my latest invest on clothes are all in BLACK.

Shirt from Pepper Streetwear // Maxi dress from H&M // Shoes from Converse // Clutch from H&M x Maison Martin Margiela